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Recorded Exams

With a longstanding reputation for innovation, LCME has launched its unique digital exam program for all music and performance subjects. Candidates at any level, from pre-grade one to diploma, now have the option of taking a recorded or online exam.


There are eight LCM Guitar grades, plus two introductory levels. 

The Graded exams consist of a performance, an improvisation and aural assessment. 

LCME also provide alternatives to standard examination formatS designed to offer something different for THE diverse range of candidates: 

Recital Grade – an entirely performance-based live exam 
Filmed Performance Award – a performance-based assessment by video submission 
Recorded Performance Award – a performance-based assessment by audio submission 


Exam entry requirements

Before you get started please make sure you read through all of the exam requirements below.

Failure to follow these requirements may result in a non refundable rejected exam entry or a failed exam result.

Please make sure that you have a suitable setting to record your exam, adequate lighting and a quiet area. 

The majority of exam pieces need to be performed along to a backing track. Please ensure you are using the correct backing track when doing this. For example for the rock guitar exams the relevant backing track marked backing track must be used which doesn’t have a guitar in the recording. If you are unsure which backing track to use please get in touch and we will be able to advise you. 

When recording your exam you must record each part of the exam in one uninterrupted take. For example if you are performing three pieces and one improvisation for your exam then it is fine to record these on separate recordings but the recordings themselves cannot be edited in any way. 

Please make sure that the device you use to record the video files on is to a good standard and saves the video files in MP4 wav or aiff files. The quality of the recording should not be any less than 720p and does not need to be 1080p. When recording please make sure your device/camera is on a stand or rested upon something stable and should not be held in your hand as this can cause shaking or movements resulting in not being able to see all that’s required. 

Please make sure you introduce yourself at the very beginning of the recording and to also introduce each piece/part of the exam before you perform it. 

When entering the exam please submit all personal details and ensure you select the correct entry fee.

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